“Why isn’t my team/report doing a good job?” - is the question many managers often ask themselves. I believe that variations of instances and situations boil down to two primary reasons: either, they don’t know what “good job” means in the context of your team, or their values and needs conflict with the requirements for doing a “good job” on your particular team.
In this session, we will explore how to set clear expectations for your direct reports about the “good job” standards, give feedback that helps grow and inspire, and receive feedback with an open mind and invoke change. The session is helpful for new and seasoned managers who want to improve the quality of their 1:1 meetings, eliminate the stigma of “dreaded performance reviews,” and build a culture of trust, positivity, and growth for their teams. It’s also useful for people who want to improve how they handle feedback and give feedback to their peers, partners, or even family members.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn the factors that influence how people get and give feedback
2. Establish guidelines for feedback that inspires and helps individual growth
3. Learn how to handle feedback and act on it to invoke change and help your team.





Imagine no longer having a sleepless night before you have to have a difficult conversation with someone about their performance. Learn how to structure your feedback and communication to make you confident that the message is clear, actionable, and objective. Normalize the culture of open, positive communication and trust.