Higher Education Summit Detailed Schedule (Summit)

7 Jun 2023, 11:30 pm
7 Hrs. with a 1 hour lunch break at 12:00.

The Higher Education Summit is your chance to connect with other Drupal users from universities and colleges, including web developers, content creators, designers, strategists and managers. You’ll get to learn and collaborate with your Higher Ed peers on Drupal best practices and adopting complementary technologies into your organization’s workflow.

The summit format is designed to be relaxed and informal, facilitating open discussions, sharing experiences and socializing with new colleagues. While you’ll get to hear from experts in the summit keynote and curated talks, you’ll also have the opportunity to dive deeper into the unique requirements of the Higher Ed sector through small group discussions and facilitated roundtable workshops. Whether you’re a seasoned Drupal user or evaluating Drupal for the first time, the DrupalCon Higher Ed Summit is an ideal opportunity to broaden your knowledge and connections.

Sponsored by: Aten Design GroupEvolving WebPantheon, Platform.sh

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